Let us introduce you to our personal guide and our confidant who has helped us navigate through these amazing lands of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Andaman and its surrounding region. Meet SaltAndaman. SaltAndaman is considerate, knowledgeable and witty. He is your friend and ours, your food guide, and is always ready to answer all kinds of questions you may have, whether it is salt related or anything that you want answered. SaltAndaman is here to guide you through this sensational culinary journey with us.



Q :
SaltAndaman, I have heard Lemongrass offers unique flavors that you don’t normally experience in the US. How do you use Lemongrass in various dishes?


SaltAndaman : 
Wow! What a great question! Just hearing this makes me excited. I would love to answer you. You know what? The name already says it all. Lemongrass is a herb that grows in tropical regions of SouthEast Asia. Freshness is the key. Therefore lemongrass is best used when fresh. Lemongrass has such a strong citrus flavor profile similar to a lemon without the bitterness or acidity. Since lemongrass consists of a coarse and fibrous texture, it is better to chop finely as you would do with a bay leaf. Remember to remove from your dish prior to eating. Don’t say I haven’t told you so.



May I also recommend the amazing Galangal Lemongrass with Roasted Coconut, proudly being our product from Montagé. Montagé has done all the hard work for you so that you don’t have to. We have incorporated fresh lemongrass from a new source providing the purest ingredients with grassy texture for an incredible flavor and aroma. Smells and tastes refreshing just like it was meant to be.

Just as a top tip, consider using Galangal Lemongrass with Roasted Coconut infused salt to enhance seafood or roasted chicken. You can stuff a chicken for roasting with cilantro, ginger, almond, and a dash of Galangal Lemongrass with Roasted Coconut infused salt. Absolutely dreamy. For fish, use a large pinch to season a whole fish or as one of the ingredients in a shrimp stir-fry. It would also complement other shellfish like mussels. You won’t believe the lemongrass aroma produced when cooking, which is indeed very mouthwatering. Being versatile, it can be used as a flavoring in beef, pork, or lamb as well as both Eastern and Western style cooking. I hope you like my suggestions. Would love to receive your feedback after you have tried out this tasty product of ours. Get cooking and have fun!