Let us take you on a journey! Montagé is the Andaman Gourmet salt brand aiming to inspire and to introduce new flavors to the culinary world of salts.



Our journey began a few years back where we set out to travel the world, leaving our respective homes and families in Europe and North America. We first moved to the Kingdom of Thailand and it was here, where we experienced the modern side of Asia, great casual fun times with friends, and deep cultural roots and beliefs. We traveled Thailand, the Andaman and across the region, only to discover that each of the individual places we visited offered new and exciting aromas and flavors.

We enjoy the natural elements and simplicity that quality gourmet food can deliver, removing all non-natural additives, to taste food the way it was always meant to be. At the center of this world of flavor is salt, a natural mineral we consume every day. It can come with different textures, colors and tastes and it belongs to every one’s household, in every kitchen of this world. This brings us to Thailand, the Andaman Sea, and its surrounding region, which provides for a truly unique and extraordinary experience, where natural aromas and flavors, delicately extracted from locally found plants and minerals, come together in harmony. With Montagé, we aim to bring these outstanding aroma and flavor experiences to each and every meal, using only natural and clean ingredients with our gourmet salts, harnessing the natural essence of each component and delivering it to your home. 


Traditional salt picking in Nha Trang Vietnam


We have expertly mastered the art of infusing aromas and flavors into salts using only the highest quality ingredients and processes, while preserving the freshness of each ingredient. All of our salts are locally harvested using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Our passion is to support and maintain the artisanal craftmanship and way of life for our communities in this region, to share their cultural knowledge – in a tasty, fresh, and casual way. You will love the quality of our gourmet salts, a one of a kind way to elevate and enhance your meal.

With Montagé, we excite your taste buds, by making your senses come alive, to make each, everyday meal a new satisfying destination and experience. Come and transform your meal with us.

As we set off on our journey, we were amazed by the initial beauty that each location had to offer. Simple, natural, yet at the same time, complex and elegant, offering a natural balance on how historical customs have been intertwined to form a modern vibrant ecosystem, respecting the past but fully embracing the future.

Let us introduce you to our personal guide and our confidant who has helped us navigate through these amazing lands of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Andaman and its surrounding region. Meet SaltAndaman. SaltAndaman is considerate, knowledgeable and witty. He is your friend and ours, your food guide, and is always ready to answer all kinds of questions you may have, whether it is salt related or anything that you want answered. SaltAndaman is here to guide you through this sensational culinary journey with us.