10 Steps Stuffed Zucchini

10 Steps Stuffed Zucchini

By Montagé SaltAndaman

10 Steps Stuffed Zucchini
If you’re trying to find a way to utilize those beautiful zucchinis which are perfect during this time of year, this recipe is exactly what you have been looking for. Alongside the beautiful smoky flavors of the grilled zucchini, your Montagé Sun-Dried Tomato Thai Basil gourmet salt will add that delicate touch that will ignite the flavors on this dish to a whole new level.

Here chef's recipe:

- 3 medium to large zucchinis
- herbs mix (basil, chives baby watercress, and chervil)
- mushrooms champignons 100 g
- 1 small onion
- 1 egg
- cream 50 ml
- parmesan cheese grated 20 g
- Montagé Sun-Dried Tomato Thai Basil gourmet salt
- cayenne pepper
- chicken stock 100 ml
- nasturtium and garlic flowers

1. wash and peel vegetables and herbs. Cut 2 zucchini in half, take seeds out
2. season zucchini with Montagé Sun-Dried Tomato Thai Basil gourmet salt, and leave them in an oven tray and a filet of olive oil
3. chop more zucchini, onion, and mushroom, and herbs, add these to olive oil in a pre-heated pan
4. sauté for 5 minutes, add cream and half of chicken stock, cook for 15 minutes or until no liquids are left. At this point, add basil, chives, and parmesan
5. blend all in a mixer until smooth, and add the eggs. Season with salt and cayenne pepper to taste
6. fill the zucchini shell, add some olive oil on top, and the remainder of the chicken stock
7. bake at 170 °C for 15-20 minutes
8. meanwhile, prepare a salad of herbs and flowers using Montagé Sun-Dried Tomato Thai Basil gourmet salt, and olive oil
9. take zucchini out from the oven and put on a plate, place herbs chopped into the juices from cooking, add some olive oil, and place on your plate
10. garnish with flowers and herbs salad on top of zucchini
Serve warm and enjoy!